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Ultra Events Cycling Sportives are long distance organised events, the cycling equivalent of running the marathon (but not racing the marathon) which involve completing a set route. Our sportive events typically range from anywhere between 40 and 120 miles. Sportive routes usually take in the most challenging roads in their area, with long, steep climbs and descents, testing all round bike riding skills rather than flat out speed. They require fitness, skill & care.

They are not mass start events and do not require road closers. Participants will start individually or in small groups as directed by the starter. Typically events will be trickle started over an appropriate period usually an hour. Though routes are sign posted and riders supported along the route, the participants are responsible for their own safety and conduct.

Ultra Events will undertake a risk assessment for each ride and as appropriate additional first responder support such as St John’s or St Andrew’s will be used.

In line with good practice Ultra Events will inform the police, NHS ambulance service and local authority as a courtesy.

Ultra Events will comply with Sportive guidance as set out by British Cycling & our insurers

Ultra Events will put safety first and reserves the right to cancel or suspend an event if conditions threaten participant or public safety. Cancellation will result in credit being given for a future event.

Payment will be made at the time of entry. If you are unable to participate, you can transfer your entry for the event to another person identified by you, via an email to us. If you cannot do this a credit will be given against a future event.

Participants (you) agree to:-

  • Participate entirely at their own risk.
  • Take personal responsibility for their health and fitness. If you have any doubts about your health and fitness consult your GP.
  • Understand Sportives are not races. Though timed no finishing order is recorded. There is no winner’s podium or finishing position prizes.
  • Ensure their bike is road worthy and fit for purpose.
  • Be responsible for following the Highway Code with reference to riding & road safely the role of Marshalls is to aid direction finding only.
  • Participate in a sporting manner with regard to others
  • Accept that no liability shall be attached to Moving Motion or any event official as a consequence of to your participation

Participants must be over 18 unless specific unless a specific family event